271: Should you target local clients

271: Should You Target Local Clients?

Many of us have gotten so focused on this shiny object I call the online world, that we have completely neglected something right in our backyard —- LOCAL Clients! Should you be focus more time in your local market? The majority of my six and seven figure clients have a huge local element to their business….

The Magical Art of Niching Down

270: The Magical Art of Niching Down

Niching down can be scary. It feels like you are saying no to a huge group of people and turning down business. But the truth is when you try to talk to EVERYONE, you end up talking to no one. In this episode I share 9 ways niching down can benefit you, plus I share about…

267: Strategically Design, Launch and Grow a Podcast

267: Strategically Design, Launch and Grow a Podcast with Natalie Eckdahl

Should you launch a podcast? Should you make changes to your current podcast? Natalie shares how you can STRATEGICALLY design a podcast that brings your ideal client to you. Also, Natalie reflects on what she would do differently if she was launching right now. Plus don’t miss the incredible Podcasting Resource Guide that Natalie created as…

Online Tools for Entrepreneurs

265: Six Online Tools for Entrepreneurs via The Nest

  I am so excited to have SIX amazing women entrepreneurs from the BizChix Nest on the show to share an online tool they have recently added to their business.   Thank you AWeber for supporting women entrepreneurs! Find out more and get an all access, 60 Day Free Trial at BizChix.com/Aweber!   Thank you Madison Reed for saving women time with…

263: How to Get More Clients

263: How to Get More Clients

The number one thing entrepreneurs struggle with is How to Get More Clients. That is the question I am asked most often and that I cover with clients during Strategy Sessions and Masterminds. Today I’m sharing the 3 biggest mistakes I see people make when they are trying to land new clients and 12 Strategies for…


262: The Ultimate Business Checkup

            Are you spending the majority of time working IN your business and not ON it? Today we are going to look through some different areas of your business and do an assessment on how things are going in each area and I want you to choose 1-3 areas to…