Episode 10: Izabela Russell of Radio Music Creative

Izabela RussellIzabela Russell is one of the Directors of Music Radio Creative, a worldwide audio branding production company based in the UK that works with DJs, podcasters, radio stations and businesses on their audio image.

She runs the company alongside her husband – Mike Russell and they see themselves duo-preneurs.

Music Radio Creative has grown from a small business to a company that has worked with clients in 93 different countries.

Aside from business, Izabela is also a mum to 2-year old little Zara,  and she is also a student – doing a degree in Business studies.

Inside This Episode

>Motivational Quote

>Must Read Books

>Productivity Tool

Izabela loves to use a paper calendar to write her tasks and schedule out by hand each day.  She copies the items from her google calendar and adds anything else on her plate!

>Connect with Izabela


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  1. Natalie, I really enjoyed listening to this podcast. You really got the best out of Izabela on your show. I don’t know how she manages to do all the wonderful things she does every day but I certainly am grateful.

    Thanks for a great episode!

    • Mike, that is such a great compliment, that I got the “best” out of Izabela. She made it easy. And kudos to you for being such an amazing co-parent and business partner. I loved hearing about how you two balance it all. You clearly have a special relationship.

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