Episode 11: Amber Hurdle, Executive Coach with Moxie Internal Relations

Amber HurdleAmber is the owner and lead coach of Moxie Internal Relations, home of Amber Hurdle’s Work-Life Success Strategies and the Mega Moxie Success Academy.

Amber helps individuals redefine success on their terms and greatly expand their influence so they can enjoy successful lives free of guilt and overwhelm.

She also works with companies from Fortune 500 powerhouses to mom and pops to help define and exude their company cultures through intentional engagement and communication.

Inside This Episode

>Motivational Quote

As we let our light shine we unconsciuosly give other people permission to do the same

>Must Read Book

QR Codes Kill Kittens

>Productivity Tool

  • Unroll.me – it figures out how many subscriptions you have and it gives you a list of all.
  • Virtual Assistants – oDesk, Elance

>Other Resources

Watch Scott Stratten’s Keynote from New Media Expo (NMX) 2014

>Connect with Amber


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  1. Thank you for a thought provoking podcast. I love your quote. I really appreciated what you said about leaving well, its so true yet so easy to overlook. I agree with what you said about unroll.me. I started using unroll.me about 3 months ago (with yahoo) and it is amazing in helping reduce the number of emails in the inbox and the amount of time taken to deal with emails.

  2. Loved the tip about “time chunking”. Time becomes more important than you think when running an online business, because you can get sucked into working 24/7, since in the beginning you feel like you always have to be “on”. Thanks for the tip, ladies!

  3. Love the talk about putting a value on yourself and charging for your services. Explore the resistance surrounding money. Yes! Ha ha, I love the McDonald’s burger reference too. You don’t negotiate the price of the burger, you just pay it!

    Such a great interview.

    • Me too Paul! It is so easy to forget that as consumers we go throughout our day paying the price other people offer, yet when someone questions our pricing it can be tempting to discount. I think having a mindset of abundance versus scarcity helps with that! Clients are abundant!

    • Paul, I can’t express how much time I spend in the area of money. It is a huge battle for so many people. MANY limiting beliefs…and I hate to say it…women are the worst. Glad you liked the analogy! 🙂

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