Episode 112: Branding Expert Melinda Yeaman of Outlier Magazine

Melinda YeamanMelinda Yeaman is an online marketing veteran of 15 yrs who unplugged from her corporate career path to live an authentic, passionate life as an entrepreneur. She now runs a digital magazine, helps businesses succeed online and speaks, trains and coaches professionals on personal branding and social media. Her experience in branding, graphic & web design, e-commerce, social media and tech enables her to fuel success for her companies and those of her clients.

Melinda and her partners run Outlier Magazine, the media arm of Outlier, a brand dedicated to the success of disruptive entrepreneurs. As host of the Outlier On Air podcast, Melinda interviews entrepreneurs from around the world. She assists locally in the growth of Outlier Labs co-working space and Outlier Conferences to provide a springboard for startups.

Melinda’s supportive husband and two beautiful children are her driving force. Adventure, travel, art, culture and diversity add wind to her sails and the beauty of the outdoors wins over morning coffee every time.

Inside This Episode

  • Motivational Quote

 "Do one thing everyday that scares you." Eleanor Roosevelt from Episode 112: Melinda Yeaman of Outlier Magazine - BizChix.com

  • Must Read Book

 The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy - BizChix.com

  • Productivity Tips
    • Your personal mission statement is your key driver.
    • Once you build your personal mission statement, anytime you have a new opportunity, compare it to your mission statement and see if it jives.  If not, it is something you should say no to.
    • If you keep having things come up that you want to do, but they don’t align with your mission statement then you need to revisit your mission statement.

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  1. Along with Donna Cravotta’s amazing take-a-ways in the prior episode, this branding series is full of great insights. Melinda and Suzi added to this awesome mix. I really liked how Melinda made a distinctions between a personal and business brand with personal leading the way or merging together when the motivate, intention and “economic engine” are the same.

    The Outlier Magazine and video on the move is an awesome idea. I’ve been wondering when someone is going to take this on the road. I almost see a flavor of “Reality (Podcast) TV” coming to life where the two mediums intersect for the next phase of entertainment and education. I actually have been curious how a typical week or month (to include connecting the work and world of any virtual assistant) comes together for a successful and busy entrepreneur. I’d subscribe to that ride. I imagine part “nit n grit how to” with a blend of “fix it – mix it on the fly” drama stirred with a roller coaster. Also, I just loved the concept and tag line of Outlier so call me a subscriber. I already have questions to ask Melinda.

    In the last month while in the BizChix “The Nest” I did write a personal mission statement. It was harder than I thought it would be. It sounds great, but it’s really too lofty. It has to be drilled down to specifically describe a direction. I’m going to hone in on that for September. And as bonus, I see Claudine Hellmuth, a BizChix member from BC Episode 27 whose also in “The Nest” is in my future Outlier audio line up! Great Stuff Nat!


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