Episode 114: Shark Tank Entrepreneur Donna Khalife of Surprise Ride

Episode 114: Donna Khalife is CEO and co-founder of Surprise Ride - BizChix.comDonna Khalife is CEO and co-founder of Surprise Ride, a leading provider of activity boxes for kids. The company designs hands-on projects that foster creativity and encourage a love of learning. Surprise Ride has received numerous accolades and was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank and The View. Donna’s experience spans both the business and creative fields. Donna left a career on Wall Street and completed her MBA at Harvard where she fell in love with entrepreneurship. After graduation, she bought a one-way ticket to Hollywood to reconnect with her creative side. As founder and CEO of Surprise Ride, Donna aims to help kids explore the world creatively, and make the lives of parents a tad easier along the way.

Surprise Ride products from Episode 114: Donna Khalife is CEO and co-founder of Surprise Ride - BizChix.com


Inside This Episode

  • Surprise Ride on ABC’s Shark Tank

  • Motivational Quote

"There are those who make money." from Episode 114: Donna Khalife is CEO and co-founder of Surprise Ride - BizChix.com

  • Must Read Book

 Hector and the Search for Happiness by Francois LeLord - BizChix.com

  • Book Authored by Donna

The Best Book On Investment Banking Careers by Donna Khalife - BizChix.com

  • Productivity Tip

I write a little to-do list before I head out of the office every day while the work is fresh in my head. Helps me hit the ground running every morning so I don’t waste an hour or two trying to play catch-up and remember what I was working on the day before. This 2-minute step saves me a ton of hours every week that I was previously wasting!

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  1. Wow, what an amazing childhood story and to follow that up with your sister having 12 kids! Oh my! You mentioned in episode 112 with Melinda “how fearless the ‘younger generation’ is in their pursuits and to re-tap that well.” I agree!

    Donna and her sister’s past and present epitomizes that statement. You two had a great connection in this episode. From memories of her childhood flee in the night, I wonder if any of her “Surprise Ride” boxes has a fluorescent sticker with the words “Can You See Me – Now?”

    Not only is this a great gift idea it’s sort of a puzzle. The gift can remind kids to enjoy or make something with the resources in the box with the best one sitting on top of those shoulders. I can absolutely see how many avenues this business idea could evolve into especially with the endless niches and events in this world. Senior citizens, veteran gatherings, outdoor music events, scout outings, heck, I bet they could easily do a 4-legged family pet one too. I chose the creative problem solving “Doll-fins” over a shark any day!

  2. I really enjoyed the energy in this podcast. I appreciate the great questions, Natalie. There was several times that I was wondering in my mind how was it on Shark Tank. It was like you were reading my mind. I love hearing behind the scenes stories.
    Her productivity tip is exactly what I do. I’ve never really talked to anyone about what helps me get stuff done so to hear that someone else writes tomorrows ToDo list today was affirming.
    I have five children, four of which are nearly grown, and how I would have loved this product. I may purchase it for my little one but am really thinking of how fabulous my young nieces and nephews are going to think I am when they get a monthly gift in the mail.


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