Episode 14: Who is Traci Reuter? Location independent. Living her dreams.

Traci Reuter

Traci Reuter is social media and online business strategy expert.

She became passionate about entrepreneurship due to the needs of her family during a crisis, and now that passion has translated into a drive to serve, encourage and empower other entrepreneurs and inspiring entrepreneurs.

She has coached newbies as well as online millionaires.  

She is sought after  speaker, trainer & coach because of her straight forward, real and uplifting approach to success, both on and offline.

Inside This Episode

>Motivational Quote

Traci Reuter

>Must Read Books

Secrets of a millionaire mind

The power of subconscious mind

>Productivity Tool 

Her iPhone!

  • Be intentional of the apps on your home screen, so that when you have a few minutes you can connect with your audience or send something inspirational out!

>Other Resources Mentioned

Parkinson’s Patient Lives His Dream, Becomes Ski Bum at Age 47

>Connect with Traci


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