Ep 164: Sonia Kanner of hipS-sister

Ep 164: Sonia Kanner of hipS-sisterSonia Kanner created the company hipS-sister based upon the concept of the dreaded fanny pack. Sonia strived to create an alternative option that is fashionable, functional, and flattering.

“While on a hike with my friends, frustrated because we were all holding our precious iPhones and car keys, I said outloud, “there has to be something out there to hold all this stuff, that is cute and flattering.” I spent hours on the computer and I found nothing that I would buy. A simple piece of fabric with pockets! A-ha, I knew I was on to something. What started as one basic “left coast” design has now turned into a fashion frenzy. hipS-sister now comes in a variety of fabrics, styles and colors to accompany you wherever you go, and if you are anything like me, you are ALWAYS on the go. Now you’ve got that perfect accessory to hold your small personal items and I have no doubt you will love it as much as I do.”

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Inside This Episode

  • Motivational Quote

"Feel the fear and do it anyway." - BizChix.com

  • Must Read Book

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell - BizChix.com

  • Productivity Tip
    • It takes a team for a company to be successful. Find people who you trust and learn to let go and delegate. Owning a company is very stressful and it is necessary to realize that you can’t do it alone. And why would you want to? It is much more rewarding when we work together.

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