Ep 175: The Productive Home: Tips for Every Life Stage with Roseanne Cook

Roseanne Cook imageRoseanne Cook is a teacher, wife, mother, best friend, grandma, sister and admired home maker.

She is also host Natalie Eckdahl’s Mom and Mimi to Natalie’s three kids.

Join this special conversation as Roseanne shares how she created efficiency in her home from the time she was in college through her current empty nest stage and everything in between.


Inside This Episode

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Happiness adds and multiplies

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  • Productivity Tool/Tip

Keep a 5×8 index card on your refrigerator and fold it into fourths. Write the name of the 4 stores you visit most at the top.  Then as you think of things you need from each store, write them in.

Efficient Shopping List


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  1. Libby

    I finally got to listen to one of my best friends, Roseanne, and daughter Natalie, who I’ve known FOREVER…Great job dear friends.

  2. Tiffany H

    What a great episode! Your mom is adorable and shared some very useful tips and ideas on a productive home. I agree with her about preparing for the next day the night before. I started doing that this past year as I re-entered the work force and found the few minutes I took at night made the next morning and day go so much smoother. She has inspired me to get back to meal planning. I go through times of being good about this and times where my family eats out too often because I don’t have anything planned. I’d love to know how she handles paper; especially how she handled it when she had children at home. This is one area of running my household that I haven’t gotten a handle on. So much paper comes in from the kids’ schools, work, church, extra curricular activities that it is overwhelming at times. Natalie, you ask such good questions. Keep up the great podcasts!


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