186: LinkedIn for Leads and Sales with Experts @MelonieDodaro @JoAnneFunch @KarenYankovich

186: LinkedIn for Leads and Sales with Experts @MelonieDodaro @JoAnneFunch @KarenYankovich

Social Media Summer Camp continues with LinkedIN

So many people I know are missing the boat on LinkedIn.

They think it is boring and not worth their time.

I used to think the same thing. I just didn’t get how to use it and how it could help my businesses.

Former Biz Chix Podcast guests Melonie Dodaro (#83)JoAnne Funch (#146) and Karen Yankovich (#37) changed my mind about LinkedIn and inspired me to create what I consider a Million Dollar Network.

Find out the answers to these questions and more in less than 30 minutes: Why LinkedIN is important?

What is the biggest mistake people make on LinkedIN?

How can it help your business?

Do people really make sales using LinkedIN?

What are LinkedIn Groups and how can they help you?

Should you use the LinkedIn publishing platform (blog)?

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