194 & 195: Mastermind and Build Your Tribe with Katie Krimitsos of BizWomenRock.com

Meet My Mastermind

Currently I am part of a powerful mastermind filled with 4 other unique, talented and successful women that I have actually never met in person. I am especially excited to introduce you to each of them and share why I chose them to be in my inner circle. In the last two episodes, I introduced you to Dr. Romie (Romila Mushtaq, MD). Today, we have fellow podcaster Katie Krimitsos!

Katie Kimitsos Interview and Blab

Episode 194

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Get to know Katie! In this episode, I replay a show I recorded in May 2014 (#70) when I first interviewed Katie Krimitsos. You will love hearing all about her background.

After 5 years of running a local entrepreneurs organization with her husband, Katie launched the Biz Women Rock podcast in 2014 so she could share the real stories of phenomenal business women all over the world.

That quickly gave birth to the entire Biz Women Rock brand, complete with practical information and a thriving community that provides you with everything you need to start and grow your business!

Episode 195

This episode was recorded LIVE on Blab, a new video streaming platform. Please give us a little grace with the audio. My podcasting mic was not being picked up so I had to switch to earbuds. 🙁  It is definitely fine, but I pride myself on providing you with great audio so just know I am aware of it.

Many people are surprised that Katie and I are in a mastermind together because our podcasts and brands seem very similar. In this episode, we talk about why we mastermind with someone who might be a “competitor”.

Also, we share what we thought of each other when we first launched our shows around the same time in early 2014. Let’s just say we weren’t thrilled each other had the same idea at the same time!

We dig into how Katie built her brand before she launched her podcast and it is a tip that ANY entrepreneur can use when launching a business. Also, Katie started a private Facebook Group early on in her podcast journey and shares how she invited brand ambassadors to help her grow, form and nurture the community.

Katie is also a brilliant networker online and in person and runs a local networking business. She shares her best networking tips.

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