197 & 198: Best Selling Children’s Book Author | Speaker | Busy Mama. Meet @MariaDismondy.

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Currently I am part of a powerful mastermind filled with 4 other unique, talented and successful women that I have actually never met in person. I am especially excited to introduce you to each of them and share why I chose them to be in my inner circle. In the last few episodes, I introduced you to Dr. Romie (Romila Mushtaq, MD), fellow podcaster Katie Krimitsos, and another podcaster and historian Liz Covart. Today, we have an educator and award-winning author Maria Dismondy.

197 & 198: Best Selling Children’s Book Author | Speaker | Busy Mama. Meet @MariaDismondy.

Episode 197

Meet Maria Dismondy and Learn How to Speak Effectively to Any Audience

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I first met Maria when I interviewed her in the middle of 2014. This is a rebroadcast of that episode now so you can hear all about her background and how she transitioned from a teacher to best selling author and speaker.  Maria speaks around the country about bullying and developing character.

You can find all of Maria’s books plus others she recommends that empower children ages 4-10 with lessons on character here.


Episode 198

Maria shares how Grassroots Marketing, Authentic Video and Outsourcing are the keys to the success of her business.

Can I just tell you how awesome all of my mastermind buddies have been?

We finish our actual mastermind call and then they have less than 12 minutes before we jump onto this interview.

For Maria it was the most challenging b/c she was actually at a speaking engagement and the school district had to lower their firewall so that Maria could use Blab.  Crazy right? This girl moved mountains to make our interview happen!

I’ve edited out a few of our technical glitches and as much background noise as I could.

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I really like how Maria mentioned how important the collaborative nature of our group is and how it has helped achieve goals that seemed out of reach and to take more risks than she would on her own.

Check out Maria in action!


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