Episode 21: Trading Pounds with Stephanie Cottrell

BizChix.com - Stephanie CottrellSince 2010, Stephanie Cottrell has lost over 200 pounds, left her corporate career behind, launched two businesses, published her first book and was married this past June.

She began her career in corporate marketing over 13 years ago and has worked with a number of companies large and small on their marketing strategy. Today, she’s the founder of Blue Elephant Creative; a marketing and web development firm focused on helping small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their revenue.

She’s also the writer behind Trading Pounds, a site dedicated to helping others lose the weight and gain the life they want.

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Episode 21: Trading Pounds with Stephanie Cottrell

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   Episode 21: Stephanie Cottrell Episode 21: Stephanie Cottrell

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Focus on one task at a time.  Turn your phone off or put in a different room, don’t check social media, don’t try to multi-task!

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