217: Media Coaching with expert Donna Cravotta


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How to Leverage Media Exposure?

I hope you are loving this new series: Small Business Reality!

Part of peeling back the layers on the reality of small business is going to be on air coaching calls with me. Those start next week.

Before I air those,I thought I would share that I too reach out for coaching.

Here’s the back story…

I was featured in Inc Magazine by journalist Leonard Kim as a top podcast for Women Entrepreneurs.

I knew there were some ways I could leverage this exposure, but wasn’t quite sure where to start.

I reached out to Donna Cravotta who is CEO of Social Sage PR. Donna was a guest on episode 111  where she did a deep dive on Twitter. I also featured her on episode 185 when I did an episode called “I don’t get Twitter”.

Donna is an active member of the Private Facebook group I host for the Biz Chix community. I knew that Donna could offer me some incredible advice and I am so grateful for her wisdom. 

Top Five Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs in Inc

 7 Ways to Leverage Exposure from this Article via Donna Cravotta of Social Sage PR

  1. Connect with the journalist (@MrLeonardKim) on social media and his followers and use the same #hashtags he is using. Share other articles he has written and share this article from the original link on Inc.

  2. Connect with other women mentioned in the article…seek opportunities to collaborate

  3. Connect with audience of other women mentioned in article

  4. If stories of the above connections impacted me…what are the results (share in a blog post, podcast or series on Instagram)

  5. SocialMention.com – input title of article, your name and business to keep up when you have been featured in social media

  6. Write an article or do a Podcast about the article (and link to original article) {whoop 🙂 that’s what I’m doing right here}

  7. Be visible about any media I am mentioned it (journalists watch what each other is doing); Choose 5 journalists to follow and get on their radar; be a resource; be easy to connect to


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  1. I’ve had this podcast show up in my feed for at least a year, but never listened until today. Donna gave such great info and practical tips we can all use in our own businesses. Thanks so much for sharing your own process in learning how to leverage your media coverage, Natalie. It’s a lot more involved than just sending a tweet!

    • Halona – Thank you so much for checking out the show. I hope you will check out this entire series! You can also find the top 10 most downloaded shows at BizChix.com/top10. So grateful you took the time to leave a comment!

  2. I’m a relatively new listener to Natalie’s podcasts and have enjoyed them all. This episode prompted me to leave a comment because it is the first true understanding I’ve had of social media despite being on it and using it to some degree. Every episode leaves me with more knowledge and inspiration, and I especially appreciate that it is all delivered both intelligently and enthusiastically.

    • Jan – It is so great to have you here! Donna is such a fantastic teacher. You might want to check out the series of episodes I did last summer. Donna is featured in the episode about Twitter. You can find the series at BizChix.com/summercamp. I am delighted to have you listen.

  3. This episode is amazing with Donna Cravotta! She really gave some FIRE information on how to leverage social media. I have to listen to this PodCast twice so I can take notes! Thanks Natalie for another great episode!

    • Kimber I felt the same way. I listened 3 times after our call and hear something new each time. Donna’s insight was so valuable, it is hard to process all at once. So delighted you shared how the episode impacted you! Take care!

  4. I am already a Donna Cravotta fan and yet, she STILL brings more value all the time. I learned so much in this episode that I will be listening to it again and again. I know how she feels about journalists and she did a wonderful job of explaining her appreciation for them and encouraging us to all do the same when we engage with them on social media. So much here about engagement and relationship building, Twitter management tools, RSS feeds and her usual brilliant, yet down-to-earth descriptions so that we, too, can implement high level strategies. This was an amazing episode, Natalie. I will be sharing it for a long time!

    • Deb – Thank you so much for sharing this. Donnna is incredible and this episode has become one of my most popular. Others are listening multiple times and sharing. Donna brought so much value. It is a training I would have paid for!

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