222: The 6 Lies of Six Figure Launches

222: The Six Lies of Six Figure Launches - BizChix.com

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Have you ever wondered why you can’t seem to replicate someone else’s success when launching your own small business?

Join host Natalie Eckdahl as she shares the six lies of six figure launches and how you can have the right set of expectations for your next launch.



  1. They don’t share the size of their email list and what they paid to build it.

  1. They don’t share the size or cost of the team of employees and experts working with them and advising them.

  1. The % of people who have replicated their success is tiny or non-existent.

  1. Their profit at the end of the year is significantly less than their big revenue number. They are sharing Revenue only, NOT Net Profit.

  1. This isn’t their first rodeo. Some have had multiple businesses and been entrepreneurs for 6-10 years.

  1. Some are outright lying about their success. #liarliarpantsonfire

Key Takeaways:

[5:35] Natalie shares personal insights regarding the emails in your inbox that claim you can replicate someone else’s success.

[9:25] What are your salary expectations as an entrepreneur?

[10:06] Natalie encourages entrepreneurs to consider the cost of pushing for a six figure salary during the beginning stages of their business.

[13:07] When you hear other’s success stories, are you getting the whole story?

[13:59] The profit formula will give a more complete picture of a successful business.

[14:48] What underlying business costs are you not aware of?

[16:02] It may appear that profitable entrepreneurs are making things happen on their own.

[20:15] What is the likelihood that you will replicate someone else’s success by following their suggested course of action?

[22:11] Pay attention to bottom line numbers and top line numbers.

[25:24] Consider how many businesses the entrepreneur you are following may have already launched prior to you ever finding them.

[26:29] How can you verify that someone is telling you the truth about their business?

[28:04] Natalie shares an online course case study published by Val Geisler a previous BizChix guest (episode #148). Val openly shares the numbers behind her recent launches.

[34:48] How to manage your expectations for your business.

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