224: How to Build a Small Business While Working Full Time

224: How to Build a Small Business While Working Full Time - BizChix.com

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In today’s episode, Natalie shares ideas for women who are building a side business while still working a full time job. Her advice also applies to women who are building a business while taking care of small children full time.

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Key Takeaways:

[2:34] Natalie shares positive feedback from a listener.

[4:46] The reality of balancing a side business with other full-time responsibilities.

[6:48] Biz Chix Community Member, Kim, asks how to grow her side business when she works a full-time job and then comes home and takes care of her family.

[10:30] What advice does Natalie give Kim about her current situation?

[11:19] Can you squeeze in nine more hours per week?

[12:57] Several members recommend getting work done in the early morning hours.

[15:11] Time blocking for even simple tasks can increase productivity.

[15:38] How can you involve the family and get them to rally around what you are doing?

[18:49] Cut out the unnecessary and be creative with how you find time to work.

[20:04] How can recognizing a “win” help you?

[24:50] How energy levels and gratitude affect running a business.

[26:11] Community members share expert tips on managing tasks to increase productivity.

[30:36] Planning and time management are key elements to progressing in your business.

[32:39] Natalie emphasizes one of her mottos: “Keep your eyes on your own paper. Keep your eyes on your own business.”

[36:41] Can the movie, “What About Bob?” teach you something about how you approach your business?

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