229: [On-Air Coaching] How to Hire and Scale Your Biz – Coaching Sarahna Fernandes (part 2)

229: How to Hire and Scale Your Biz - BizChix.com

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Join Natalie for this on air coaching call with Sarahna Fernandes on expanding her business, hiring, and setting up procedures and routines that will allow Sarahna to step away from her business as needed.

Key Takeaways:

[1:20] Natalie shares how she plans to unplug for a week while on vacation with her family.

[4:01] The realities of preparing to leave for vacation as an entrepreneur and a mother.

[10:55] Natalie introduces part two of her conversation with Sarahna Fernandes from episode 227.

[12:19] Sarahna shares her dream of expanding her business and designing procedures to prepare for business growth.

[15:33] Natalie encourages Sarahana to train people to do what she does or train them to do the tasks she doesn’t like to do.

[19:21] What are the pieces of your business you don’t enjoy doing? How can you hand off that relationship or task to someone else?

[22:33] Solutions for passing tasks off to others when people have requested you specifically to offer a service.

[28:45] The software, Sweet Process, can help you to train employees and have a productive workflow.

[30:30] What should you consider when you are hiring someone?

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