231: Uplevel Your Next Speaking Engagement with @CarolMorganCox

Uplevel Your Speaking with Carol Cox and Natalie Eckdahl

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Host Natalie Eckdahl invites her speaking coach Carol Morgan Cox of Speaking Your Brand to coach her on air. They cover how Natalie can take her signature talk on Masterminds to the next level and how each opportunity to speak builds relationships and can attract clients.

Key Takeaways:

[3:01] Natalie is nervous to receive feedback from Carol on her speaking engagement.

[7:00] Carol founded Speaking Your Brand to train entrepreneurs to use speaking opportunities as a marketing and networking channel to establish the Know Like and Trust (KLT) factor.

[5:59] How Carol helps women entrepreneurs, professionals, and executives use public speaking as a marketing and networking tool.

[9:09] How speaking engagements can help sell your product or service.

[11:42] Carol and Natalie discuss Natalie’s presentation at Podfest 2016.

[17:03] Natalie shares the highs and lows of her presentation.

[19:59] How can you improve your delivery at speaking engagements?

[23:12] How the content that you offer can give you additional speaking opportunities.

[28:28] Planning for your next speaking engagement.

[33:20] What can you offer your audience while you speak?

[35:08] Carol shares her messaging framework to help structure your presentation.

[52:17] Carol challenges Natalie to use her framework to revise her original presentation and shares ideas for practicing the presentation.

[54:22] How to connect with Carol online.

[57:11] Natalie shares tips for preparing for your own speaking engagement.

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