232: Best Small Biz Apps and Tools for Women Entrepreneurs

232: Favorite Business Tools and Apps by Amazing Women Entrepreneurs - BizChix.com

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This episode was created in partnership with The BizChix Community. I am so excited to have NINE amazing women entrepreneurs on the show to share their favorite business tools with YOU.

I love bringing our BizChix community to life in this way and am thrilled to share this capstone episode of The Small Biz Reality Series with you.

Key Takeaways:

#1. Voxer [listen at 5:26]

Recommended by: Natalie Eckdahl

#2. Text Expander [listen at 7:33]

Recommended by: Laura McClellan

#3. Boomerang [listen at 11:55]

Recommended by: Blair Thielemeir

#4. The Skimm [listen at 14:05]

Recommended by: Heather Ryan

#5. Trello [listen at 15:58]

Recommended by: Danielle Liss

#6. Google Calendar [listen at 19:18]

Recommended by: Diane Diaz

#7. Bullet Journal (also see this link) [listen at 22:59]

Recommended by: Jill Sessa

#8. Onlypult [listen at 28:22]

Recommended by: Kendra James

#9. Zapier [listen at 31:44]

Recommended by: Alaia Williams

#10. Evernote [listen at 36:03]

Recommended by: Jennifer Ebeling

#11. Chipotle App [listen at 42:50]

Recommended by: Natalie Eckdahl

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  1. Lol I love how you said you “outsource dinner” to Chipotle. Great way to think of it!

    Have you checked out the Starbucks app? I love it because similar to the Chipotle app, it allows you skip the line and just do a quick pick up. It also lets you highly customize your drink and saves your previous orders.

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