233: [new series] Monetizing and Money Mindset #BizChixMonetize

233: [new series] Monetizing and Money Mindset #bizchixmonetize - BizChix.com

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Monetizing and Money Mindset

Welcome to the first episode of the new series #BizChixMonetize. Yes, it is the series name and hashtag all in one. (Do you like what I did there?)

We are going to spend the next 10+ episodes talking about all the issues related to MONEY, your mindset around money, getting paid, setting prices, raising rates, finding more customers and how to organize your business finances.

I am creating this series in response to the emails you send me, the work I do with clients 1/1, and the conversations I see in our Private Facebook group.

Today’s episode provides an overview of some topics that we are going to dig deeper on throughout this series.

  1. Set realistic expectations. It takes years to build a business that can support your family.

  2. Keep your business and personal finances separate – it is hard to know how you are doing if it is all co-mingled.

  3. Decide on an amount to invest in your business and put it in a separate business account (see #2).

  4. Understand your attitude around money and building wealth. What is your family history around money? What money stories from your past are affecting you today?

  5.  You don’t know what is going on in someone else’s bank account. Realize what you perceive about others, may not be the reality of the situation. Keep your eye on your own business. Don’t get distracted. (For more on this listen to The Six Lies of Six Figure Launches.)

  6. The higher income you earn in your day job, the harder it is to transition to entrepreneurship. The easiest path to entrepreneurship is to leverage what you are already doing in a consultant role.

  1. You need to network with others. No matter what your business is, you have to get out and meet people. Go to local events, attend conferences, have lunch, meet for coffee. Go broad, then go deep.

  2. Stop spending money on courses and coaches and tools.  You already know enough.

  3. You’re going to fail along the way. Keep trying, keep iterating. Don’t give up.

  4. Focus the bulk of your time on bringing money into your business. That means selling. That means having something to offer. Make sure what you think you want to do aligns with what people really need and are willing to pay for (validate this through 1/1 work). (Listen to The Truth About Sales and Selling and Are You Solving a Big Enough Problem? for more on this topic).

Now go make some money!

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