234: Building a Six Figure+ Biz with Lisa Woodruff, Jessica Rhodes & Natalie Eckdahl #FinCon16

234: Building a Six Figure Business with Jessica Rhodes, Lisa Woodruff and Natalie Eckdahl

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Building a Six Figure Business

I was thrilled to be asked speak at #FinCon16 in sunny San Diego, CA, but the icing on the cake was that several people I adore were also attending and I was offered the opportunity to use a recording booth and create a podcast at the conference.  It was a no brainer to invite Jessica Rhodes and Lisa Woodruff on air as both are business women, podcasters and mothers whom I admire.

In this episode, we share how they built their six figure+ businesses from the ground up, as well as how they manage their teams, handle pricing strategy and balance motherhood. I also share some tidbits about building BizChix that I have never shared before on air.

This was the first time I have recorded a podcast outside and so there is some ambient noise (think planes and trucks backing up). It was a challenge to stay focused as people walked by and waved “hi” and took our pictures, but we kept our wits about us and we covered A LOT of ground.

We did record a some Facebook Live clips which you may have seen on my Facebook page, Jessica’s page or in the Private Facebook Group I host for female entrepreneurs.

Recording a Podcast Live at #FinCon16 img_6678-2

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