235: How I Monetize My Podcast and Platform

How I monetize my podcast

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How I Monetize My Podcast and Platform

Host Natalie Eckdahl discusses how she monetizes her podcast and business! It is not how she expected things to evolve when she launched the show in January 2014.

Key Takeaways:

[4:35]  Natalie talks about why and how she started the BizChix podcast.

[6:40]  Natalie discusses the different ways you can monetize your online business or podcast.

[12:48] Natalie’s epiphany when listening to Claire Pelletreau from the Get Paid Podcast

[16:50] How Natalie is monetizing today.

[19:08]  What Natalie has learned from podcasting.

[23:08]  How and why create multiple streams of revenue.

[27:00] Lessons learned on monetizing.

[33:09] How did the AWeber sponsorship happen?

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Ways to Monetize a Podcast


How I Thought I Would Monetize BizChix When I Launched in 2014


How I Monetize BizChix Today


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