239: Legal Mistakes to Avoid in Your Online Biz with Jamie Lieberman and Danielle Liss of Hashtag Legal

Hashtag Legal and Businessese attorneys Jamie Lieberman and Danielle Liss

Hear Natalie chat with Jamie and Danielle from Hashtag Legal on four major legal mistakes to avoid in an online business. These impact anyone who has a website, collects emails, sells products and/or is an Amazon Affiliate.

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Sponsored by AWeber

Four Legal Mistakes to Avoid in Your Online Biz #BizChixMonetize

Key Takeaways:

[9:20] How should people choose a lawyer for their business.

[12:03] Natalie mentions how she hired Jamie and Danielle to help her with the Aweber sponsorship contract.

[13:55] Danielle lists the top four legal mistakes an online business makes and the different types of business entities to be aware of.

[19:40] Natalie asks about obtaining a LLC in other states.

[21:55] Danielle discusses the biggest issue business owners face in legal situations.

[31:09] Danielle and Jamie talk about how important a privacy policy is for a business website and what types of questions that need to be addressed.

[38:06] Danielle and Jamie can’t stress enough about being proactive in protecting your business.

[46:12] How to connect with Danielle and Jaime

[48:30] Natalie’s final thoughts.

[53:03] Special message from Tahoe (Natalie’s 4 year old son).

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