246: Interview Swap with The Mompreneur Show – Vicky Lashenko and Natalie Eckdahl Interview Each Other


Vicky Lashenko of Mompreneeur Show Interviews Natalie Eckdahl of BizChix

The Mompreneur Show Interviews Natalie Eckdahl

A Special Interview Swap with Vicky Lashenko

Two interviews in one episode!

Perfect to listen to while you pack gifts or travel and family friendly.

Natalie interviews Mompreneur Show host Vicky Lashenko, then rebroadcasts Vicky’s live interview of Natalie.

Vicky shares what it was like to immigrate from the Ukraine as an 8 year old, and how the bravery and grit she developed from that experience played a roll in launching her business and her focus on live video shows.

Natalie shares her rough beginning as a podcaster, how she found her footing and her advice for women just getting started as entrepreneurs.

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  1. Natalie! Thank you so much for having me on! It was such so much fun and such a privilege! You’re an incredible host and made me feel so comfortable! I appreciate you so much for your time and for asking such deep and meaningful questions! I have so much to learn from you! Thank you again dear!


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