253: [On Air Coaching] Choosing a Customer Avatar with Diane Diaz

on air coaching call with diane diaz

A new on air coaching call with Diane Diaz from The Brand Teacher who has multiple customer avatars she is choosing. Natalie coaches her through choosing an avatar so she can focus her messaging, content and social media efforts.

Diane Diaz is a full-time University Professor who teaches branding and branding strategies.

Diane also works with individuals and corporations to help employees create their own personal brand with branding workshops. Providing a professional look across social media platforms to bring professionalism to both the corporation and individual is crucial to succeed as a professional.

Here are a few topics we cover in this call:

  • Creating a Customer Avatar
  • Changing a Social Media Presence to Reflect a Brand
  • The Importance of LinkedIn
  • Pricing Services

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Choosing a Customer Avatar

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Attend You Renewed Personal Brand Workshop Facilitated by Diane in Orlando, FL on March 9, 2017

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