258: Build Your Team – How to Source, Interview, and Assign Roles with Natalie Gingrich and Shelli Warren

258 Build your team


What’s the difference between a project manager and an online business manger? How does a virtual assistant fit into the mix? Where do you find team members and what should you ask them in an interview? We cover the answers to these questions and more.

This episode is two mini interviews in one podcast! Natalie interviews two experts in team building, Natalie Gingrich and Shelli Warren.

Natalie Gingrich owns a project management firm and she breaks down what to expect when hiring a Project Manager. She also explains the differences between project managers, online business managers, and virtual assistants.

Shelli Warren of She Connex works with encore career women and today shares her secrets for hiring and building a team. Don’t miss her incredible interview questions.

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Sponsored by AWeber

How to Source, Interview, and Assign Roles

Key Takeaways:

  • The differences between a virtual assistant, online business manager, and project manager.
  • How do you know when to hire a virtual assistant, online business manager, or project manager?
  • What to expect to pay for the different roles?
  • How to create a job description.
  • Avoid quick emotional decisions when hiring.
  • Take advantage of association organizations.
  • Should you use a trial period when hiring?
  • Use your intuition.
  • Are you checking references?
  • Your first hire is your most important hire.

    Interview Questions  
  • What compelled you to answer my ad?
  • What led you to this line of work?
  • Tell me about your most favorite client to work with.
  • Tell me about your current workload.
  • Describe your most frustrating client right now.

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  1. Outsourcing has come slowly for me over the years, but I’ve realized the power of having a TEAM, and not doing it all on my own. That’s just not sustainable for long term success. Thanks for this podcast!

  2. Antonia BB

    Six Sigma! I haven’t heard that for over 15 years .. took me right back to corporate days as a PM for Amex ! I’d forgotten about all my training and projects ..was a good founding for being an entrepreneur!
    Thanks to you and this message you keep on giving us- I have been been outsourcing my work to my team, increasing their hours its been great for everyone!
    I am now becoming the CEO!

    • Yes! Your corporate training is incredibly valuable as an entrepreneur. Maybe you all need a Six Sigma club! Congrats on the outsourcing Antonia. I bet you are an incredible leader.


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