Episode 264: Building a Culture from Day One with Amy Errett of Madison Reed

264 Building a Culture from Day One with Amy Errett

When should you start to think about designing the culture of your organization? What is the ONE question you should ask in every interview? How do you make sure you are hiring people who will fit into your culture? How do you measure your team’s happiness and satisfaction? My guest, Amy Errett, the Founder and CEO of Madison Reed, thought about the culture and team she wanted to build from the very beginning.

Amy is a horseback riding, fly-fishing, black-diamond snowboarding, wine collecting, SF Giants-loving Californian. She founded Madison Reed with years of business and operating expertise as a leading entrepreneur, senior executive, venture capitalist and social-mission visionary.

The mission of Madison Reed is to make luxurious, at-home hair color with ingredients you can feel good about.

Amy shares the startup story of Madison Reed, how she is disrupting an old school industry and how Madison Reed values and measures customer and employee satisfaction and is agile enough to adapt to the feedback.


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Sponsored by AWeber

Building a Culture from Day One with Amy Errett

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of creating a culture with intention
  • How to measure customer satisfaction
  • How to measure internal/Team satisfaction
  • Why it is GREAT to have Values that repel some potential employees
  • The one question you should ask in an interview
  • Assessing Ability and Willingness
  • The importance of Celebrating as a team


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  1. Wow this interview was powerful! Thank you Natalie and Amy. I really love the mindset of “I get to do this” — this morning when my kids were doing the things that all kids do in the morning — I noticed that I was feeling a little frustrated.

    I came into the mindset of “I get to do this” and automatically I was overcome with such gratitude. I have many friends who want kids and I know that listening to mothers with older children — they miss this.

    I get to do this 🙂

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