276: [On Air Coaching] How To Pivot Your Business To Serve Corporate Clients with Lilah Higgins

How do you take an already successful business into a new direction by working with corporations? What are the opportunities and risks involved with working with corporate clients?

Listen in as Natalie coaches Lilah Higgins, owner of Higgins Design, about how she can pivot her branding and design business from working with solo-entrepreneurs and small businesses to larger companies and organizations who are willing and able to pay more.

Natalie guides Lilah in the process of refining exactly who her corporate niche should be and discusses the complexities of developing corporate relationships. Natalie also outlines how to find specific prospects, how and where to network, both online and off, and how to build those important relationships within an organization to close more sales.

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Sponsored by AWeber

Key Takeaways:

  • The online model of creating and selling digital products is not for everyone, although that’s the hype we are hearing from every online guru.


  •  A podcast can be a networking tool to connect with potential clients. Asking for interviews is frequently more productive than asking for a meeting or call about your business.


  • Niche down, rather than focusing on “corporate”.  Find an industry, or a size of organization that is going to want your services.  Bigger companies may not be better or more receptive to your services.  VC funded start-ups may be a great opportunity (and have money to invest in branding and design).


  • Corporate relationships take time to develop. Work your personal network with an eye to people who may have a friend, colleague, or spouse at your ideal corporation.


  • Keep track of your networking and leads.  Have a system for tracking – even just a spreadsheet (rather than a CRM) to get started.


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