280: [High Performing Women] The Chief of Staff Role with Natalie Gingrich

What is a Chief of Staff? Are you ready for this type of strategic role in your business? Are you limiting your own growth due to lack of support? Let’s find out!

I invited Natalie Gingrich, MY Chief of Staff, on air to help you determine if you are ready for this role in your biz. Since Nat has come on board, my business has gone through tremendous growth and evolution, and I have been freed up to do what I do best – create this podcast and work with high performing women who are scaling their businesses!

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Sponsored by AWeber

Key Takeaways:

  • How does a Chief of Staff (COS) fit into the entrepreneurial world?
  • How do you decide if you need a COS?
  • Human Resources is the area where most small businesses struggle.
  • Learn the difference between a Project Manager and COS.
  • A CEO should ONLY be selling, creating content, or building relationships.
  • Are you limiting your own growth due to lack of support?
  • There are 7 objectives to Strategic Mapping for every business. Guess which one surprised me.

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