290: [On Air Coaching] Where Are They Now? Updates with Betsy Furler, Blair Thielemeir, Freya Casey and Shawna Dingman

By popular request, I am bringing back Blair Thielemier, Betsy Furler, Freya Casey and Shawna Dingman, women who have done on-air coaching calls with me, to give you an update. What action have they taken? How have their businesses progressed? What are their next steps as their businesses continue to grow? Tune in to be inspired by the incredible progress these ladies have made! 

Key Takeaways:

[:47] Natalie is bringing back several women that have done on air coaching calls!

[2:30] The first update is from Blair Thielemier. She shares how her business has progressed since her call with Natalie discussing if she should launch a podcast.

[8:05] The next update is from Betsy Furler. She shares how her business has grown in the last nine months, the launch of her new books, how her money mindset has changed, and some of the changes she’s made in her life and business.

[17:55] Freya Casey is the next guest. She talks about raising her prices and shares some of the numbers from her business, as well as how she has developed her avatar. She is also working on her first book!

[24:25] The final update comes from Shawna Dingman. She has taken a lot of action since the coaching call, and these changes have had an impact not just on her business, but on her family life as well. She also shares some of the strategies she’s utilizing to maximize her time in her zone of genius, and grow her business.

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[41:52] Natalie highlights some key takeaways looking at her clients and how far they’ve come in their businesses.

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