Episode 32: Author & Noted Speaker Lisa B. Marshall (plus Podcaster, Consultant, and Mom to twins)

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Communication expert Lisa B. Marshall delivers consulting and workshops, is author of Smart Talk and Ace Your Interviewand also host of the Public Speaker and Smart Talk podcasts. Clients include Johns Hopkins Medicine, Managers Investment Group, Genentech, Roche, Harvard University, and others. She’s been featured in CBS Money Watch, Ragan.com, Cosmopolitan, and more.

Inside This Episode

  • Motivational Quotes

 BizChix - Lisa B Marshall quote

BizChix.com - Lisa B Marshall quote

  • Must Read Books

Conversation Transformation by Ben Benjamin, Amy Yeager, Anita Simon from Episode 32: Lisa B. Marshall - BizChix.comPOP Create The Perfect Pitch by Sam Horn from Episode 32: Lisa B. Marshall - BizChix.com

Sycamore Row by John Grisham from Episode 32: Lisa B. Marshall - BizChix.comThe Next Best Thing by Jennifer Weiner from Episode 32: Lisa B. Marshall - BizChix

  • Productivity Tips
    • Do what you are least motivated to do first thing in the morning – your willpower breaks down as the day goes on, so take advantage of the morning
    • Ignore social media and turn off your email.
    • Hire someone to help you – take the leap – even if only for a few hours each week.  It’s worth it!
  • Productivity Tools 
    • Zoom.us 
    • Textexpander (Breevy on PC) should be incorporated to as many of your processes as possible
    • Audio feature of iPhone (Notes on iphone – for creating email.)
    • Evernote
  • Connect with Lisa


    • http://www.lisabmarshall.com (for Lisa)
    • http://www.smarttalksuccess.com (Smart Talk book and Smart Talk podcast)
    • http://www.morefromlisa.com (for Public Speaker podcast)


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