Episode 33: Review and Deal Site Owner Suzanne O’Rourke of Local Chat Box

BizChix.com - Suzanne O'RourkeSuzanne O’Rourke is the owner of LocalChatBox.com, Central NJ’s Online Business Directory.  Consumers use the website to find great local businesses, print coupons, read and post ratings and reviews and find local community events.  You can search by category on the website, such as Automobile Services, Business Services, Contractors, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Children’s Birthday Party Venues and much more.  LocalChatBox is in its 4th year of business.  Suzanne started LocalChatBox.com with the idea of helping Independent Businesses advertise in an affordable medium.

LocalChatBox launched during the recession.  Over the years they have created great partnerships with other local media such as Newspapers, Radio, Print Direct Mail Services, Video Services and More.  These partnerships have allowed their businesses more advertising opportunities at great rates.  They currently have over 150 local businesses advertising on LocalChatBox.com and

Inside This Episode

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  • Productivity Tool or Tip

    • Make a Master List at the beginning of the year of Goals and Tasks.  Work your List!
    • Look for complimentary businesses that share your target customer and co-market with them.
  • Connect with Suzanne

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  1. Great show Natalie and Suzanne! I also am passionate for local business here in Canada. I was really inspired by this show. Go Suzanne Go! Local Biz Entrepreneurs really needs are support. Thanks for all the work you do for local biz owners, Suzanne!

    • Thank you so much for your comment Cheryl. Glad that you also have a passion for small businesses. You and Suzanne will have to connect. Let me know if I can help facilitate that. ~Natalie

    • Thank you so much for your comment Natalie- Supporting local businesses can be as easy as just making a ‘choice’ to head to your local florist versus the food store 🙂 – small changes. Local Independent Businesses are run by your neighbors, family and friends.


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