Episode 36: Going Beyond the To Do List with Erik Fisher

Episode 36: Erik Fisher - BizChix.comAside from being a bacon connoisseur and student of coffee, Erik Fisher is a productivity authorpodcaster and coach. Erik studies implementing social media in the academic and university setting as part of the digital marketing & communication department of Indiana Wesleyan University.


Inside This Episode

  • Top 3 Productivity Tools/Tips Eric has Recently Implemented
    1. Lift App
    2. Pacing
    3. Inbox Zero
  • Productivity Tool or Tip Erik Wants to Implement
    1. Take a Full Day Away Each Month (spend time thinking about the big picture, reflect on the last month, prepare for the next month)
  • Favorite Social Media Tools
    1. Use the native social media app as often as possible (but store posting ideas in a google doc)
    2. TweetDeck
    3. Tweetbot
  • Motivational Quote

My success, part of ir certainly is that I have focused in on a few things by Bill Gates from Episode 36: Going Beyond the To Do List with Erik Fisher - BizChix.xom

  • Must Read Book


  • Book by Erik Fisher

Ready Aim Fire by Erick Fisher and Jim Woods from Episode 36: Erick Fisher - BizChix.com

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