Episode 38: Shark Tank Kidpreneur Ryan Kelly of Ryan’s Barkery

Episode 38: Shark Tank Kidpreneur Ryan Kelly of Ryan’s Barkery - BizChix.comRyan’s Barkery was founded by then 10 year old Ryan Kelly in an effort to make a better biscuit for his new best friend.

Ryan’s Barkery bakes and sells fresh, all natural dog treats made from human grade ingredients. He pedaled the neighborhood selling treats, sold at lacrosse practice and at dog adoption events, and was asked to pitch his business on the ABC hit show Shark Tank.

After getting an investment from Barbara Corcoran, business is booming!

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Don't Ever Let Anyone Tell You What You Can't Do

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Holes Book Cover

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Do what you do best.  What you’re not great at, accept help!

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  1. This was a great episode! Mark reached out to me on Twitter and I am glad he did! I can’t wait to listen to Bizchix podcasts now! Our 10 year old daughter just started a podcast and would love to interview Ryan Kelly! What an inspiration! Thanks!

    • Natalie! I’d love to share your interest with the Kelly’s, it seems like a fantastic connection. Please email me: mark*bizchix.com so I can. (I thought the comment got the email address, but it does not, so just email me!) Your website is a fantastic idea, and I’d love to hear more of your podcast next week at Social Media World

  2. Especially loved this episode – as I’m partial to pups and the entrepreneurial voice is a very young adult.
    Your question and his answer on “how would your friends describe you” made me laugh out loud!
    I agree with you – hats off to Barbara Corcoran for taking the calculated risk and her guided support to this family. And most especially, KUDOS to Daniela as a mom, entrepreneur, wife, and full speed woman who has moved through a health care challenge to support her family while teaching a valuable lesson through her actions.

    Chop sticks and cookie cutter put together! How innovative Ryan’s mind is to help his mom! What a great team.
    The flow, questions and conversations in this interview was so smooth. Interesting that their last name connects to their current business! I find it fascinating when a person’s name seems related to their current interest and /or profession.
    So glad you got to interview both generations, and hope to hear like this warm fuzzie episode!


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