Episode 04: Candice Collings Loomis of Grit Cycle has the Business and Lifestyle of Her Dreams

Candice Collings Loomis

Candice Collings Loomis

Candice Collings Loomis is from Newport Beach, CA and was a collegiate rower at Cal State Long Beach.

She had a successful career in international sales, but chose to reinvent a new career for herself that involved motivating and inspiring others to be their best.

This led her to co-found Grit Fitness Centers located in Costa Mesa, CA.


Inside This Episode

>Motivational Quote

Candice Collings quote

>Must Read Book

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

>Partnership Tips

  • Choose partners carefully
  • Have an iron clad buy and sell agreement with ALL partners

>Hiring Tips

  • Thoroughly interview employees – do not hire on the spot.
  • Hire employees who have worked at other businesses you admire (and know are well trained such as from LuLuLemon).
  • Train employees to connect with customers on a personal level, such as saying a new customers name 3x’s in your head.
  • When you’re starting out, look for employees that are willing to take a smaller salary to start in exchange for the promise of a big payoff later (and keep your word).

>Other Resources Mentioned

Why Rowers Make it Big in Business

>Connect with Candice



Video: Grit Cycle Opening

>Tip from Natalie

If you are visiting from out of town, you want to book your bike at 4:30PM on the Sunday before when the new schedule goes live.  The most popular classes fill up in minutes.  I joke that Grit owns me on Sundays at 4:30PM because they do.  I am on their site furiously racing to get the classes and bikes I want.  If you miss that opportunity, don’t despair.  There are always great classes and instructors open!


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