Episode 55: Online Video Producer Jill Addison

Episode: Jill Addison - BizChix.comJill Addison is an Online Video Producer (you can find her at JillAddison.com) who loves helping small and mid-sized businesses strategically use online video to rank with search engines and make a personal connection with prospective clients.

Jill lives in San Diego with her husband, Eric, who is also in the video production industry.


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"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them" - Walt Disney from Episode: Jill Addison - BizChix.com

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 Good To Great by Jim Collins form Episode: Jill Addison - BizChix.com

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Whiteboard Video Package

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  1. I’ve been big batch listening to my faves so I’m behind on “keeping current to recent posts,” but I wanted to take time to drop in before I listen to another dozen or so or get back into work mode. I really enjoy these tools and resources.

    I first was introduced to a Whiteboard “advertisement” when Todd Henry launched his first book “The Accidental Creative” http://www.toddhenry.com/noticing/book-launch-roundup/ in 2011 and afterward he did some Whiteboard Sessions with his podcast. I was in. Well, maybe I was technically first hooked as a child when I played with my very own Red & Grey Etch-A-Sketch while watching cartoons. So I guess enjoying social white-boarding and animations is the next natural step. (; Not only did I watch Todd’s launch a few times, I soaked in the show, and I’m sure his bounce rate was improved because there wasn’t any hopping out.

    I think it must be the little kid in us. We want to unconsciously tap into that genuine curiosity, play and wonder of it all without any mental baggage, so when there is a cartoon or (video) animation on, I’m going to take a quick stop, glance, and perhaps stay awhile. One of my favorite fairly recent online business video animations is called “Meet Jimmy.” You know him! I just loved that video and John Lee Dumas did a fantastic job explaining his podcast and introducing Entrepreneur on Fire’s “avatar” on the about page. A well done whiteboard presentation is the perfect way to add texture and depth to the message and engagement.

    We all learn differently. I hope to see more of these tools freely implemented into schools and businesses worldwide. I know “video” is mentioned everywhere now, but the white board and animation techniques seem only popular in smaller circles. However, in time, I do see that changing. I see whiteboard – video animation as the new global sign language and its use is only at the edge of penetrating the social media and educational scene. One day, I’m sure custom greeting cards, business cards, training packages, menus, and even audio books will have this as an optional or core feature.

    I’ve dabbled on some friend’s iPads with the Splashtop Whiteboard, Educreations Interactive Whiteboard, and the Doceri app and it was a blast. I just wish I could draw or use Dragon to Draw it for me in a creative way, as I speak. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

    Jill’s websites and bundled package seem like the perfect and accessible way to start. I’m going to check out her website and You Tube channel a little more this weekend. It was interesting how she found her team; I wonder if she has been exposed to Mike and Izabella Russell at Music Radio Creative for their voice over talents? Here were the other great takeaways for me:

    Systematize and Batch Processes; Use consistency in messaging, placement, and format
    Jill’s contrasting yet parallel comments on how she had to succeed. She did opposite actions to get the same result
    The Hour A Day Entrepreneur: Escape the Rat Race and Achieve Entrepreneurial Freedom with Only One Focused Hour A Day by Henry J Evans
    Her ability to acknowledge her “why” and keep that forefront in her mindset and practice to blend her work and personal life – she made it sound EASY
    Her simple “networking technique” at a conference – she doesn’t OVER-WORK or OVER-THINK it at all
    Nice wrap up “a business is successful if it is Scalable, Leverageable and Income is Predictable” – (SLIP)

    Great talk Nat & Jill. Can’t wait to see your first whiteboard -video animation on BizChix

    • Thank you do much Dee. I loved learning more about Jill’s business too and her whiteboard product is top notch. I too love her tips and tricks. Thank you so much for listening and all your support of The Biz Chix Podcast. It means the world to me.

    • Great thoughts, Dee! I like what you said about how you see whiteboard videos evolving into a “new global sign language”. That’s cool! And wow, it makes me even more excited about the future of my business! Thanks again for listening.


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