Episode 80: Communications Strategist Maggie Patterson

Maggie PattersonMaggie Patterson is a copywriter and communications strategist. She works hands-on with entrepreneurs to help them market their businesses – using content and communications strategies along with copy that converts – to meet business goals.

With 15 years of hands-on experience she has worked with companies of all sizes – from big brands to solopreneurs. After cutting her teeth during the dot-com bubble and bust in Canada’s leading PR agency, Maggie started her own highly successful marketing and communications consultancy.  She is the host of the Marketing Moxie podcast and her work has been published on leading websites including The Huffington Post, LKR Social Media, Duct Tape Marketing, Content Marketing Institute, Yahoo Small Business and more.

Inside This Episode

  • Motivational Quote

 You miss 100 of the shots you don't take from Communications Strategist Maggie Patterson - BizChix.com

  • Must Read Book

 The Go-Giver by Bob Burg & John David Mann from Communications Strategist Maggie Patterson - BizChix.com

  • Productivity Tool/Tip
    1. Progress is better than perfection. Stop waiting for perfection, just ship it.
    2. Eyes on your own paper. Comparing yourself is a huge time suck and does nothing for your psyche.
    3. Put on your own air mask first. Just like an emergency on an airplane, you need to take care of yourself first. Which means doing your work, not getting to sucked into situations where you are “helping” and totally unfocused.  Your productivity will suffer if you put everyone ahead of yourself. (And a good reminder for moms about self-care too.)

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  1. Great tip about keeping your eyes on your own paper! It can be so easy to be caught up in the rat-race of comparisons and envy, not to mention the never-ending “I should be doing that too…” to-do list. I plan to contact Maggie today. I like her down to earth approach!


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