I Wanted a Million Dollars and Instead Got a Million Dollar Network

I Wanted a Million Dollars and Instead Got a Million Dollar Network - BizChix.com

Recently I had the honor of interviewing Racheal Cook for The Biz Chix Podcast and we had a very real and at times raw conversation on what it is like to be a Work at Home Mom, run a business, a home and take care of our children. I felt immediately like I had connected with a kindred spirit across the country (a cool bi-product of this job and not the first time I have bonded quickly and deeply with a guest).

When Racheal asked if I would participate in her Biz That Loves You Back blog tour, I couldn’t raise my virtual hand quick enough. In fact, be sure you check out Claire Pelletreau who posted yesterday and Kimberly Riggins tomorrow.

Back when I “only” had one business and two kids in 2013, I got the idea to launch a podcast. There are many reasons I wanted to become a podcaster.

Podcasting fulfills a childhood dream I have of being a talk radio host. I also wanted to give voice to more women’s stories and create the kind of content I was yearning to hear. Of the male hosted podcasts I was listening to at the time, women were only being interviewed about 10% of the time. When they were interviewed, the young, single male host didn’t ask the types of questions I wanted to have answered.

But if I am honest, really honest with you, the truth is I thought I could do all the above and have another big bonus. I thought I could make piles of money too. There are a few podcasters out there right now that are killing it and making multi-six figure and 7 figure incomes from their podcast.

So fast forward from my launch Januay 2014 to now April 2015. Am I rolling around in piles of cash simply from launching a podcast.


I am not a millionaire.  I am not making a six figure income from my podcast. In fact, I am not even making a 5 figure income from my podcast and the BizChix brand. It took me a full year to even start monetizing in any way.

I could have monetized a lot sooner, but Baby Jett changed my focus. Towards the end of my pregnancy the time was right to test the monetization waters. But I was too tired and trying to prepare for a maternity leave from interviewing. Once Jett arrived, I didn’t feel like hustling to work with clients or build a digital product when I had a newborn to hold and cuddle.

At the beginning of this year, I began working with the Biz Chix community. I have launched two paid masterminds, engaged a few coaching clients and  even experimented with sponsorship of the show for one month. I decided not to continue with sponsorship for now because I want to promote programs I am offering through Biz Chix or have my other biz ScheduleMAX.com sponsor the episode.

While I have certainly been disappointed with the slow build to monetization, podcasting has had a surprising effect on my life. I haven’t built a million dollar bank account, but I have built a million dollar network.

The show has expanded the depth and breadth of my network. I have been able to interview women that I would never meet otherwise or even have access to. A special report is built during interviews and almost every time the guest ends our call by asking me to let them know how they can support me in the future. I have called in a few of those favors with winning results.

The podcasting community is another huge bonus. I have never been part of a more supportive or collaborative community and the women in this community are the best. I have new besties all across the country that completely understand my business and my life in ways many local friends can’t.

The best thing I did relating to the Biz Chix brand was launch a private Facebook group for my audience that is filled with female entrepreneurs and women that want to be entrepreneurs. I get to see relationships developing and women doing business with each other all as a result of the podcast.

This year I have learned something about myself that has come as a big surprise. I really want to teach more people how to podcast. It is so powerful to get your voice out there and I want to help more people do that, especially bloggers. Bloggers already have an amazing pool of content and adding audio to their blogs is really a no brainer. It also allows their audience to connect with them on a more intimate level.

Podcast listeners tend to listen through their smartphones using earbuds and you can’t get much closer to someone’s heart, mind and soul.

I think the more senses we can connect with people in this New Media age, the better. We all really need to be considering blogging, podcasting and video in that marketing toolbelt I mentioned before. Video is my next frontier!

So in answer to my new friend Racheal’s question on how is my business loving me back? Right now BizChix isn’t throwing piles of cash at me, but there is huge potential in the foundation I built so far. Podcasting gave me access to an industry full of new friends, a professional network beyond my wildest dreams and even more importantly the chance to fulfill a childhood dream of being behind the mic.


  1. I enjoyed reading your story and getting a bit more insight into the world of podcasting. The connection between interviewing people and building a network makes so much sense, but I hadn’t connected those dots until you pointed them out. 🙂 Best of luck!


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