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Cool Dudes - BizChix.comWhen I came up for the concept for The Biz Chix Podcast, I knew I wanted to interview amazing female entrepreneurs, but there were a number cool dudes I knew I would want to chat with as well.  So I decided to not exclude men from my show.  The first cool dude I can remember in my life was The Fonz from Happy Days.  No one else was cooler on TV.


My “plan” is to interview 90% women and 10% men, but that is an idea and not a rule.

I thought you might enjoy seeing the Cool Dudes all in one place.  The first cool dude I had on the show was John Lee Dumas from the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast.  He has been not only an inspiration to start my own podcast, but also a mentor.

The other cool dudes below have diverse backgrounds and businesses.  Oh and a bit of info from the inside, cool dudes do not like to have a lot of pre and post interview chat.  😉

Episode 16: John Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire Shares His Secrets

Episode 16: John Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire Shares His Secrets -

John Lee Dumas is the founder and host ofEntrepreneur on Fire . A top ranked podcast named best in iTunes for 2013.

John interviews today’s most inspiring and successful entrepreneurs, seven days a week and has been featured in both Time and Inc. magazine.

He is also the founder of Podcasters’ Paradise, a community where podcasters can create grow and monetize their podcast.

Episode 23: Joel Comm – Best Selling Author

Episode 23: Joel Comm – Best Selling Author - BizChix.comJoel Comm is an entrepreneur, NY Times bestselling author, and new media innovator. An expert on harnessing the power of the web, publishing, social media and mobile applications to expand your brand’s reach and engage in active relationship marketing, Joel is a sought-after public speaker who leaves his audience inspired, entertained, and armed with strategic tools to create a new media campaign that will explode their business.

Episode 36: Going Beyond the To Do List with Erik Fisher

Episode 36: Going Beyond the To Do List with Erik Fisher - BizChix.comAside from being a bacon connoisseur and student of coffee, Erik Fisher is a productivity authorpodcaster and coach. Erik studies implementing social media in the academic and university setting as part of the digital marketing & communication department of Indiana Wesleyan University.


Episode 38: Shark Tank Kidpreneur Ryan Kelly of Ryan’s Barkery

Episode 38: Shark Tank Kidpreneur Ryan Kelly of Ryan’s Barkery - BizChix.comRyan’s Barkery was founded by then 10 year old Ryan Kelly in an effort to make a better biscuit for his new best friend.

Ryan’s Barkery bakes and sells fresh, all natural dog treats made from human grade ingredients. He pedaled the neighborhood selling treats, sold at lacrosse practice and at dog adoption events, and was asked to pitch his business on the ABC hit show Shark Tank.

After getting an investment from Barbara Corcoran, business is booming!

Episode 46: Wes Schaeffer is The Sales Whisperer®

Episode 46: Wes Schaeffer is The Sales Whisperer® - BizChix.comWes Schaeffer is The Sales Whisperer®, a sales and marketing industry leader whose team educates and trains clients on sales and marketing automation, social media marketing, CRM, SEO, SEM, and at least 47 other acronyms. He is a motivational speaker and author, the latest titled “It Takes More than a Big Smile, a Good Idea & a Twitter Account to Build a Business that Lasts.”

Episode 68: Pro Poker Player turned Entrepreneur – Billy Murphy of Forever Jobless

Episode 68: Billy Murphy Forever Jobless - BizChix.comBilly is a former professional poker player turned entrepreneur in 2009 by launching BlueFirePoker.  In 2011, he started launching and acquiring E-commerce stores, and began training others via EComLab. He now invests in and advises businesses while blogging, where he explains his logical and analytical approach to business.

Ep 179: Manly Pinterest Tips and Social Media Strategy with Jeff Sieh

Ep 179: Manly Pinterest Tips and Social Media Strategy with Jeff SiehJeff Sieh is the Creative Director at His Design, Inc. and Head Beard at Manly Pinterest Tips. He is the creator and host of The Manly Pinterest Tip Show. With top tips, pop culture, comedy and just plain fun, he teaches Pinterest techniques unlike any other. Visit

Ep 180: [Father’s Day Special!] Wisdom from Dads with Host Mark Eckdahl

WisdomfromDadsWelcome to a special Father’s Day edition of the Biz Chix podcast where I am so excited to introduce you to my husband Mark’s new podcast Wisdom From Dads.  Mark and I share wisdom our Dad’s have passed on to us and I get a chance to wish Mark a Happy Father’s Day.  He is Dad to Aurora (13), Tahoe (3.5) and Jett (9 months).

188: Podcasting and Social Media with Michael Stelzner

188: Podcasting and Social Media with Michael StelznerMichael Stelzner is the founder of Social Media Examiner, author of the books Launch and Writing White Papers and the man behind large events, such as Social Media Marketing World and Social Media Success Summit. He is also host of the Social Media Marketing podcast show.

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Podcaster's Paradise - BizChix.comPodcasters’ Paradise – Natalie is a member of this community which teaches you how to create, grow and monetize your podcast.  She is an active member in the Private  Members Only Facebook group that offers ideas and shares insights.

Natalie says, “I could not have launched my podcast as quickly as I did without the support of the Podcasters’ Paradise community and the vast library of technical videos, templates, and checklists created by John Lee Dumas.  He and Kate Erickson will take you from start to launch and no detail is left out.  On launch day, the community will be there to provide encouragement and ratings and reviews.”

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