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High Performing Women Series
High Performing Women:
Series that highlights Women who Excel.


Social Media Episodes
Social Media:
Interviews and mini-workshops with social media experts.

Happy Home, Happy Business - BizChix.com
Helping you manage the home front with ease so that you can stay focused on growing your business
Happy Home, Happy Business

Women in Tech
Women in Tech:
Interviews with enterprising women in technology.

Product Startups

Product Startups:
Entrepreneurs whose business is based around a product they have invented.

Shark Tank
Beware Shark Tank nearby:
As a fan of Shark Tank, I love hearing the behind the scenes of these great entrepreneurs.

Health & Wellness:
Health, wellness & fitness galore.

Personal Growth Series - BizChix.com

Personal Growth Series
Episodes on Personal Growth

Productivity Episodes - BizChix.com
Productivity Episodes
Episodes on Productivity

Franchisor Episodes
Women in Franchising Business
Franchisor Episodes

OC Episodes

OC Episodes (local – Orange County, CA):
Entrepreneurs that live in my local neighborhood.

Entrepreneurs in Canada - BizChix.com
Entrepreneurs in Canada
Canada-based women entrepreneurs

Australia Episodes
Australia-based Women Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs in Australia

Cool Dudes Episodes

Cool Dudes:
Just a few cool dudes that cut it here.