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233: [new series] Monetizing and Money Mindset #bizchixmonetize

233: [new series] Monetizing and Money Mindset #bizchixmonetize - BizChix.comWelcome to the first episode of the new series #BizChixMonetize. Yes, it is the series name and hashtag all in one. (Do you like what I did there?)

We are going to spend the next 10+ episodes talking about all the issues related to MONEY, your mindset around money, getting paid, setting prices, raising rates, finding more customers and how to organize your business finances. I am creating this series in response to the emails you send me, the work I do with clients 1/1, and the conversations I see in our Private Facebook group.


234: Building a Six Figure+ Biz with Lisa Woodruff, Jessica Rhodes & Natalie Eckdahl #FinCon16

234: Building a Six Figure Business with Jessica Rhodes, Lisa Woodruff and Natalie EckdahlI was thrilled to be asked speak at #FinCon16 in sunny San Diego, CA, but the icing on the cake was that several people I adore were also attending and I was offered the opportunity to use a recording booth and create a podcast at the conference.  It was a no brainer to invite Jessica Rhodes and Lisa Woodruff on air as both are business women, podcasters and mothers whom I admire.




235: How I Monetize My Podcast and Platform

235: How I Monetize My Podcast and Platform - BizChix.comHost Natalie Eckdahl discusses how she monetizes her podcast and business! It is not how she expected things to evolve when she launched the show in January 2014.






236: [on air coaching] How to Build an Audience and Monetize with Kiana Porter-Isom

How to Build an Audience


Host Natalie Eckdahl coaches Kiana Porter-Isom from Edupreneur Today about monetizing her “side” business! They strategize on how Kiana can create recurring revenue through membership sites. Also, Kiana shares how she has grown her audience through Instagram and what her business is like one year in. 




237: Top 4 Takeaways From My MBA

Top Takeaways From My MBA


Top 4 Takeaways From My MBA Host Natalie Eckdahl shares four major takeaways from her MBA education and how they impacted her entrepreneurial journey. This episode is sponsored by AWeber. Thank you for supporting women entrepreneurs!





238: [on-air coaching] How to Prioritize Online vs. Local Opportunities with Christina Nicholson



Hear Natalie coach Christina Nicholson of Media Maven on how to prioritize her local media relations work and the opportunities to create “passive” income online. Natalie also provides training on planning for 12 weeks at a time in your business.





239: Legal Mistakes to Avoid in Your Online Biz with Jamie Lieberman and Danielle Liss of Hashtag Legal

Hashtag Legal and Businessese attorneys Jamie Lieberman and Danielle Liss


Hear Natalie chat with Jamie and Danielle from Hashtag Legal on four major legal mistakes to avoid in an online business. These impact anyone who has a website, collects emails, sells products and/or is an Amazon Affiliate. 





240: [on air coaching] How to Pivot Your Business with Freya Casey



Hear Natalie coach with Freya Casey, a vocal coach and professional singer in Germany with an international You Tube following. Natalie helps Freya determine how she can pivot her business from serving only local clients to working with clients globally.. Natalie helps Freya decide on her global avatar which ultimately plays on her experience…



241: Learn How to Profit First with Mike Michalowicz

Learn how to Profit First with Mike Michalowicz


Are you earning profit in your business? Are you paying yourself a salary? Natalie interviews Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First, Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, The Pumpkin Plan, and Surge. Mike shares how he’s made millions and lost millions.




242: Are You Self-Sabotaging Your Success?


Are you Self-Sabotaging Your Success? #moneymindset Do you ever find that you are derailing your own success? Being an entrepreneur takes an extraordinary amount of courage…





243: How to Succeed at Online Business with Jocelyn Sams @FlippedLS

How to Succeed at Online Business with Jocelyn Sams of Flipped Lifestyle

Natalie chats with Jocelyn Sams, from Flipped Lifestyle Podcast, on how she launched her online business, to create a successful transition from leaving her day job to becoming an online entrepreneur. Jocelyn and her husband, Shane, built a successful online business together to be able to quit their teaching jobs. Hear this fantastic story…




244: Buy Back Your Time – Tips for Outsourcing at Home

Outsourcing at Home, Buy Back Your Time

Buy Back Your Time – Tips for Outsourcing at Home

There is a ton of information on outsourcing in your business but very little on how to outsource in the home as a woman entrepreneur. 

And let’s face it, women take on a lot of responsibility in the home even if we are in a relationship with a really supportive partner. 

Some of that is our own doing because we like things done a certain way and other parts of it are gender roles that we are expected to take on.

In this episode we talk about the first steps to outsourcing at home, how to budget for it, how to creatively outsource if you don’t have money to invest and how to overcome objections you or others in your life may have to outsourcing.

245: 8 Secrets of My Six Figure Clients

8 Secrets of My Six Figure Clients

I noticed a trend among clients whose revenue exceeds Six Figures. There are certain characteristics, business practices and tactics that make them stand out. Here are eight of the secrets to their success. If I could encourage every entrepreneur to make just one change in their business that would have a HUGE impact, that would be to implement secret #1 – Consistency. My six figure clients set big goals every week and hit them week after week after week.



246: Interview Swap with The Mompreneur Show – Vicky Lashenko and Natalie Eckdahl Interview Each Other

Vicky Lashenko of Mompreneeur Show Interviews Natalie Eckdahl of BizChix

Two interviews in one episode! 

Perfect to listen to while you pack gifts or travel and family friendly. 

Natalie interviews Mompreneur Show host Vicky Lashenko, then rebroadcasts Vicky’s live interview of Natalie.

Vicky shares what it was like to immigrate from the Ukraine as an 8 year old, and how the bravery and grit she developed from that experience played a roll in launching her business and her focus on live video shows.

Natalie shares her rough beginning as a podcaster, how she found her footing and her advice for women just getting started as entrepreneurs.

247: The Year of Profit

The Year of Profit Image

Did you know that 2017 is The Year of Profit? In this episode I challenge you to create a profit goal for your business. There is so much focus on having a big revenue or sales number that often what gets lost is the actual money you transfer from your business to your home.

Many of us get caught up in investing in our business and forget to make a plan to have our business financially provide for us.

Not this year!

It’s time to take a look at not only how you can increase revenue, but also how you can decrease expenses.

Listen to get encouraged and inspired!


Now go make some money!

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