220: [on air coaching] Launching a Group Program – Coaching Tara Lynn Foster

220: Launch a Group Program - On Air Coaching with Tara Lynn Foster - BizChix.com

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In this fourth episode of the Small Business Reality Series, host Natalie Eckdahl helps Tara Lynn Foster plan the launch how of her group coaching program.

Tara Lynn Foster is a paid speaker, executive coach, and consultant who left a multi-six figure job two years ago to launch her own business. Tara shares some of the challenges of transitioning from a structured corporate environment to the freedom of an entrepreneur.

Key Takeaways:

[6:34] Tara shares where she grew up and what she was like as a little girl.

[9:26] The first steps Tara made toward becoming and entrepreneur.

[14:19] Tara’s desire to be a landscaper, not a gardener, in her corporate job pushed her to work toward something that fit her personality and strengths.

[22:14] How to move beyond planning and bring in revenue for your business.

[24:46] How do you change the tires on the bus while the bus is still moving?

[27:37] The entrepreneurial path involves risk and much is self-taught.

[31:39] How to plan the week and organize networking, planning, etc.

[34:50] Tara discusses why she decided to offer group coaching.

[37:50] Who is your current audience and how can you put out leads to attract your target audience?

[42:56] Natalie shares ideas for connecting with your audience.

[49:14] How to make your idea or product “good enough,” not necessarily perfect.

[53:10] Extend a personal invitation for a beta launch to get things off the ground.

[1:00:05] How to define your avatar and determine what your audience really wants.

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