226: Biz and Babies ~ 5 Mom’s Talk Childcare and Sex at #PM16

Business and Babies Childcare and Sex

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Join Natalie and her co-hosts at Podcast Movement ( #PM16 ) where they discuss the challenges of balancing motherhood and business.

We recorded this live in a booth on the conference floor. Hear us share how we each manage childcare as busy working Mama’s and how sex changes after baby.

5 MomsFam

Thank you Elsie Escobar, Jessica Kupferman, Jessica Rhodes and Katie Krimitsos for your vulnerability and honesty in this episode.

Also, special thanks to the women in the Business and Babies Secret Facebook Group who inspired this conversation. You are AMAZING.

Key Takeaways:

[4:42] Natalie introduces her co-podcasters while recording at Podcast Movement.

[9:13] Advice for first time mothers who have an online business.

[11:46] Running a business post-baby necessitates a new approach.

[12:34] Elsie shares how she needed to step away from her work and the importance of asking for support.

[17:12] Many mothers need to adjust their expectations and understand that they may not feel ready to leave their baby with anyone for awhile. They may also need to get creative with a childcare solution that they feel comfortable with.

[22:34] Natalie acknowledges the advantages of having her office outside of the home now that her children are more independent.

[24:27] What is your “Why” behind working from home?

[26:45] How intimacy changes after you become a mother.

[29:23] The lack of interest in sex is often a phase after having a baby and it’s often difficult to be present.

[32:45] Getting away with your partner will help you to think of yourself as a wife and not as a mother.

[33:31] Connect with other women who understand what it’s like to be pregnant, have a baby, and run a business.

[34:02] Natalie encourages listeners to create their own private groups to share ideas and to discuss specific challenges and successes.

[37:49] Context-shifting is a real difficulty for mothers and the reason why it takes longer to get work done once you become a mother.

[38:45] Be loving to yourself as a new mom who is not getting a full night’s sleep.

[40:21] Post-partum hormones play a big part in a women’s lack of desire for sex after having a baby.

[40:48] Suggestions for making sex pleasurable again post-baby.

[41:55] Communicate what you need and why to those around you.

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  1. WOW. No Seriously WOW.

    Every dude on the planet should listen to this episode. You guys are super heroes, as in if you pull back your shirts there is a GIANT S. A M A Z I N G. I just had no idea. Thanks so much for this episode. Such intimate looks into your lives.

  2. I sure wish I could have made my husband listen to this two years ago when my youngest was born and I was getting my business ducks in a row. It’s SO nice to hear the same things being said from these ladies that I have said over and over myself but felt like no one else in my life really knew what I was talking about. Thanks, ladies, for making this mama feel like I wasn’t crazy!

  3. I’m loving this. So relevant to my life.

    I was going to listen while I made my grocery list, but I’m going to have to put it this podcast on hold because it’s too riveting (and I need to get this list done).

    What a treat to listen to you guys talk – I feel like you get my life. Looking forward to getting back to this podcast (while I do dishes or exercise 😉 ).


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