276: [On Air Coaching] How To Pivot Your Business To Serve Corporate Clients with Lilah Higgins

</How do you take an already successful design business into a new direction by working with corporations? What are the opportunities and risks involved with working with corporate clients? Natalie coaches Lilah Higgins, owner of Higgins Design, about how she can pivot her graphic design business from working with solo-entrepreneurs and small businesses to larger…

271: Should You Target Local Clients?

271: Should you target local clients

Many of us have gotten so focused on this shiny object I call the online world, that we have completely neglected something right in our backyard —- LOCAL Clients! Should you be focus more time in your local market? The majority of my six and seven figure clients have a huge local element to their business….

270: The Magical Art of Niching Down

Niching down can be scary. It feels like you are saying no to a huge group of people and turning down business. But the truth is when you try to talk to EVERYONE, you end up talking to no one. In this episode I share 9 ways niching down can benefit you, plus I share about…