Ep 131: Think and Grow Rich for Women author Sharon Lechter

Sharon Lechter is the bestselling co-author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series - BizChix.comSharon Lechter is the bestselling co-author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series, editor of Napoleon Hill’s Outwitting the Devil, and the author of Think and Grow Rich: Three Feet From Gold.

She is also the founder and CEO of Pay Your Family First, a financial education organization and has served both presidents Bush and Obama on the first President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy.

Her new book, THINK AND GROW RICH FOR WOMEN: Using Your Power to Create Success and Significance takes Napoleon Hill’s bestselling classic Think and Grow Rich and puts it in a modern context geared towards women.

Inside This Episode

  • Motivational Quote

"Courage is not the absence of fear, it is acting in spite of the fear." - BizChix.com

“Why not? Why not try something new, why not go on the path less travelled?” - BizChix.com

  • Books Authored by Sharon

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter - BizChix.com

Think and Grow Rich for Women: Using Your Power to Create Success and Significance by Sharon Lechter - BizChix.com

Three Feet from Gold: Turn Your Obstacles in Opportunities (Think and Grow Rich) by Sharon Lechter - BizChix.com

Rich Dad's Real Estate Advantages - Tax and Legal Secrets of Successful Real Estate Investors by Sharon Lechter - BizChix.com

Save Wisely, Spend Happily: Real Stories About Money & How to Thrive from Trusted Advisors by Sharon Lechter - BizChix.com

  • Productivity Tip
    • 2,2,2 rule — to focus on future of the company
      • 2 handwritten notes, 2 emails, 2 phone calls (all 6 for something in the future)
      • 2 calls, 2 notes, 2 emails, 2 social media, 2 texts
      • never forget you are the primary driver
  • Connect with Sharon

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  1. Natalie, I just recently found your podcast and I travel quite a bit so these have been perfect to listen to while on the road or way to work. Your Passion truly shines through in your voice and questions. Sharon, I especially loved this segment and have listened to it three times. “Think and Grow Rich” was one of the first self-improvement or personal development books I read. I couldn’t wait to get to the next town that had a Barnes and Noble to pick up the new version of “Think and Grow Rich for Women” and just started reading it yesterday. I thank you for your sincerity and the nugget of gold take away for me were creating a Mastermind Group, 2-2-2 & 2-2. I just started blogging about a year ago. It is called “TakinTimeOut” as I feel we all need to take a break and breathe. Basically I take a word for the week and write about that word, it just so happened I had just written about Fear so your quote was perfect timing…”Courage is not the absence of Fear Courage is acting in spite of the Fear! Do it afraid”…Thanks to both of you please keep on doing what you are doing, you both seem to be living your passion and inspiring others!


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