218: [on air coaching] Prioritizing in Your Business – On Air Coaching with Sarah Snider of Nutty Snacks

218: Prioritizing in Your Biz - On Air Coaching with Sarah Snider of Nutty Snacks

Episode 218 – On Air Coaching Call

Episode 219 – Update 4 Months Later

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Welcome to our very first on air coaching call with Sarah Snider of Nutty Snacks.

Sarah is a single Mom of 4 who currently runs her product business part time.

In this call, host Natalie Eckdahl coaches Sarah on how to prioritize her time and resources so she can grow her business.

Sarah’s goal is to be able to quit her day job and work in Nutty Snacks full time.

Here are the things Natalie knew before the call:

About Nutty Snacks (in Sarah’s own words)

I sell an all natural snack mix…it’s gluten free, no artificial ingredients, kid approved. I am in a spot where it’s time to grow. I’ve spent a year doing “proof of concept” and testing things out. Now I gotta grow! A huge piece of our business is our “do good” component. We are committed to giving back through our philanthropic arm The Amani Project. We don’t want to be a non-profit, instead we want to support organizations who are already doing good.

Sarah’s Biggest challenges

  1. Believing in myself!

  2. Having a consistent and impactful social media presence

  3. Creating a system of organization that allows me to manage my business effectively – I’m a single mom to 4, have a day jobs and run a business


  1. Have a plan on how to grow my business big enough to be able to support my family in that income alone

  2. KNOW and utilize my plan… I have a good business plan, but really need to own it and use it to grow


I’m a people person (relator in Strengthsfinder terms) and I LOVE people. I have a background in customer service so I’m very concerned with my customers’ experience with my business. I have a strong work ethic and a high amount of integrity…it really matters to me to do things well. Here are my top 5…. Relator, positivity, achiever, responsibility, developer.


Making a plan that really works. Believing in myself. Not giving everything away! Focusing on doing a few things really well instead of juggling 50 things. Truly seeing my business as a viable business that can support my family instead of being an expensive hobby.

Not using my podcasting mic, which filters out a lot of background noise…you will hear my toddler who is with my nanny in the kitchen a few times and me typing notes.

Get ready to fall in love with Sarah!

Let’s roll…

Inside This Episode:

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