263: How to Get More Clients

263: How to Get More Clients

The number one thing entrepreneurs struggle with is How to Get More Clients.

That is the question I am asked most often and that I cover with clients during Strategy Sessions and Masterminds.

Today I’m sharing the 3 biggest mistakes I see people make when they are trying to land new clients and 12 Strategies for Getting New Clients – Yes – 12.

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How to Get More Clients

3 Mistakes

There a number of mistakes we all make when we are trying to get more clients. Here are the three most common I see. I know these well, as I have experienced all three in my business.

  1. Waiting for clients to find you
  2. Not following up – No answer, does not mean No
  3. Not changing your offer – Change your offer if  it is not working!

12 Strategies to Get New Clients

  1. Keep the clients you have
  2. Offer your current clients additional products and services
  3. Connect with past clients
  4. Deeply Know Your Ideal Customer Behavior
  5. Understand Your Customer’s Journey
  6. Work Your Network
  7. Connect with Complementary Businesses
  8. Increase Your Visibility
  9. Pay for Leads
  10. Follow-up, Follow-up, Follow-up
  11. Visual Reminder of the # of Leads You Need
  12. Mindset


Visually Track Your Leads

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Download the Free Get More Clients Resource

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