248: [On Air Coaching] How to Set and Achieve Big Goals with Shannon Crow



A new on air coaching call with Shannon Crow who trains and consults with Yoga Teachers and with Studio Owners. Shannon wants Natalie’s advice on how to set a 12 week goal and break it into weekly goals and daily tasks. Natalie takes Shannon through the entire goal setting process. They also discuss podcast strategy set a launch date for Shannon’s new podcast.

If you have any yoga teacher friends, be sure to have them connect with Shannon and follow her as she launches The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast.

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Connect with Shannon Crow:

Shannon Crow’s website

Podcast release date: March 4th

Shannon Crow – Yoga Facebook Page

Shannon Crow on Instagram

Shannon Crow on Twitter

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  1. I wanted to share an update with the BizChix listeners. The podcast is going really well. It seems to be the most common way that new clients are finding out about the consulting that I offer to yoga teachers and studios. The live show season 1 is done. There are 20 episodes there and I am deciding what will happen with season 2.

    My consulting business has taken off and I have added in a 6-Month and a 12-Month package that is working very well. I am only offering this to teachers I have worked with in an initial consultation call.

    I am still balancing my schedule and setting my goals is something I continue to work on. The monthly nest calls with Natalie are a huge motivator and support for me and my business.

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