251: Reflections on 3 Years of Podcasting and Business Building with Natalie Eckdahl

3 Years on Podcasting and Business Building for BizChix Podcast

Natalie celebrates 3 years of podcasting and building a business! Katie Wyatt, fellow podcaster of Empire by Design and BizChix member, interviews Natalie on her podcast journey and how she created her online business. Natalie discusses her dreams for the BizChix podcast and how much she enjoys impacting the lives of woman entrepreneurs, plus her battle with Impostor Syndrome along the way.

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Sponsored by AWeber

3 Years of Podcasting and Business Building

Key Takeaways:

[4:10] Katie starts her interview with Natalie.

[5:00] Natalie discusses how and where she grew up as a child.

[8:50] Natalie’s journey into podcasting.

[12:10] Katie asks which combination of things that have helped Natalie grow.

[19:34] Does consistently ‘showing up’ make a difference?

[26:11] Natalie talks about how she’s been stuck with imposter syndrome.

[31:30] Which podcast influencers does Natalie admire?

[37:31] What to do when you fail?

[50:00] What Natalie would say to herself 3 years ago and where she sees herself in the future 3 years from now.

[57:47] Natalie’s final thoughts.

Listen to my guest interviewer, Katie Wyatt!

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