282: [Live From Podcast Movement] Leverage Your Podcast to Grow Your Business



How can you use your podcast to grow your business? How do you convert your listeners into paying customers? How does a podcast relate to the rest of a business owner’s funnel? What podcast content strategies are working right now? How can you authentically sell on air?

Michael Stelzner, Cate Stillman, and Mike Morrison, all successful business owners and podcasters, answer these questions and more as we recreate the content we shared in our popular panel at Podcast Movement.

Key Takeaways:

[:49] Natalie talks about her experience at Podcast Movement two weeks ago — she hosted a panel on How to Leverage Your Podcast as the Ultimate Marketing Tool for Your Business.

[6:43] Many people create podcasts in the hope that it will help them grow their current business or lead to a new business, but they are not converting listeners. Natalie’s panel at Podcast Movement addressed exactly this issue.

[9:18] Natalie welcomes her guests for this episode — Michael Stelzner, Cate Stillman, and Mike Morrison!

[10:25] What do each of these great podcasters and business people do, and how do they leverage their podcasts to build their businesses?

[12:15] Mike Morrison shares how his Facebook group impacted his podcast, and vice-versa.

[13:14] Learn why Cate started a separate show for her community.

[14:50] How are Michael Stelzner’s podcast and live events connected?

[16:10] What are some things that Michael Stelzner and Mike Morrison do organically on their shows to promote what they do, and the products they have?

[19:35] Cate has three different avatars. How does she decide what content to deliver?

[20:35] Mike Morrison shares some tips and strategies for other podcasters — stay focused on your niche!

[24:13] Michael Stelzner’s tip is to focus on your guests and build a relationship with them.

[27:09] What other advice do they have for podcasters?

[32:10] Cate delves into the issue of spending versus investing.

[37:38] Natalie reflects on her experience of hosting a panel and some of things she did that made the entire experience more productive and fruitful.

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  1. I really appreciated this episode of mixed advice. My podcast launched today and I am very excited and nervous. I plan to learn from all of you consistently. Thsnk you Natalie for hosting these wonderful guests.

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