254: Design Your High End Offer

Design Your High End Offer

Natalie speaks on how entrepreneurs can use their unique gifts and skills to create high end offers to uncover more profit in their business. She offers examples of different types of businesses that high end offers can work with.

This is all based on the 80/20 rule.

Natalie explains how it relates to different aspects of your business and how you can use it to determine the rate to charge for your high end offer and the number of people who may buy it!

Plus there are a few mindset hurdles to overcome as well.

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Design Your High End Offer

Key Takeaways:

[3:15] Natalie takes us through a typical VIP Day with her.

[5:28] Natalie discusses how some of her clients created their high end offers with their skills.

[9:50] High end offers can work with any type of business including for product entrepreneurs and local service providers.

[12:30] Natalie talks about the “80/20 Sales and Marketing” book and how it relates to high end offers.

[18:00] A customer journey process is hardly ever from A to B.

[19:33] What’s holding you back from designing your own high end offer?

[23:20] Natalie’s final thoughts.

80:20 Sales and Marketing Perry Marshall book


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